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Manuel Marques - Kaʻu Forest Coffee

Ka‘u Forest Coffee, grown by Manuel Marques, won a top ten place in the international cupping competition at the 2008 Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual conference. His coffee, grown with organic fertilizer, took tenth and edged out an entry from Kona. The win marked the second straight year that Ka‘u was named in the top ten in competition with coffees around the world. His coffee was submitted to the competition by Big Island Fine Coffees.

Marques said he is working on his quality and sustainable farming practices for Ka‘u Forest Coffee. Marques says he examines every coffee bean and hand selects only the perfect beans to prepare the samples sent to competitions.

In terms of future practices, he said, the price of traditional fertilizer is rising every month and should be coming close to the cost of organic fertilizer, which could encourage some farmers to switch over. Marques said he also plans to use sheep to keep the plant growth down around his coffee trees but will have to build a sheep house for nighttime protection against dogs. He said he will also provide sheep with mineral blocks so they wonʻt be tempted to chew on the coffee tree trunks for nutrients. He said he hopes to eventually have a fully organic coffee farm in Ka‘u.

Marques is one of the displaced sugar workers who farms on leased land that was purchased by investors from the defunct sugar company. Marques said he hopes that the land will remain in coffee in perpetuity.

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