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Ruby & Amy Javar - Pavaraga Coffee

Ruby and Amy Javar of Pahala made history for Hawaiian coffee by placing in the top ten worldwide in an international roasting competition. Their coffee placed 10th in the 2009 America Roasters Choice Tasting Competition, sponsored by the Specialty Coffee Association in Atlanta, GA. It is the only coffee from Hawai'i to ever place in the top ten in this event.

From seed to cup, a lot of activity takes place before consumers enjoy their cup of specialty coffee, said Leo Javar who works with Amy and Ruby to market their coffee. "A vital link in this process is the professional coffee roaster. These master roasters, dubbed as the iron chefs of the coffee world, take to this craft very seriously. They roast green coffee beans until they find the perfect profile for that coffee in order to bring out its best flavor characteristics." The roaster for the event was Dan Tang, of Aroma Trading Co.

All Roasters Guild members - about 370 - were invited to participate in the competition. To determine a winner, more than 8,000 coffee lovers and coffee professionals attending the SCAA conference cast one vote each for the best coffee.

"I am honored to be recognized as one of the world’s best (roaster) among my peers and the coffee community from around the world", said Tang of locally based Aroma Trading Co Inc. "I am proud that Hawaiian coffee will get the recognition it has long deserved and I am glad to have been a part of it."

Prior to the competition, Tang consulted with Tomi Tangonan at Pavaraga Coffee Co. who recommended the Javars' private stock of beans. "Although coffee does grow in all parts of Hawai'i, we feel that the difference in our coffee has been the right processing and farming techniques on a consistent basis. And it would help tremendously to have a master roaster on your side," said Ruby Javar whose submission originated from his own backyard.

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