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Simon Wooley - Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee

Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee is grown on Olson Trust land near Kaʻu Coffee Mill and in Ocean View by Simon Wooley and Tom and Joanne Kosinski. Tom explains the quality of his coffee, noting that it is hand picked, selecting only the red ripe beans, and carefully processed. In 1998, the Kosinski family planted their first coffee, some 2600 feet in elevation at Ocean View where they have 1500 trees. They started marketing their coffee under the Kaʻu Mountain Coffee name, but launched the Hawaiian Moonbeans brand in 2007 when they purchased a Deidrich IR12 computer controlled coffee roster, which is large enough to take in some of the coffee from farmers in Pahala. The new roaster "has the flexibility to roast large or small quantities with perfect control," Tom says.

Simon Wooley, who grows for Hawaiian Moonbeans on the road from Pahala to Wood Valley, explains that soil is rich on these lands where the former Kaʻu sugar company had its nursery. Wooley now has 4,500 coffee trees and says his work with Kosinski goes well. "It is hard to produce the coffee and be able to go through all the finer points of distributing it. Tom does the roasting which is a very important part because it is an art in itself. The combination of my bean and his roasting produces the good Moonbean product."

Above: Simon Wooley growing Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee on Edmund C. Olson Trust land.

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