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Trinidad and Francis Marques - Ali‘i Hawaiian Hula Hands Coffee

Trinidad and Francis Marques were two of the first Kaʻu Coffee farmers to take up the mission of economic development for Kaʻu when the sugar plantation shut down and left hundreds of workers unemployed in 1996. With Francis’ skills honed by working almost every job in sugar and Trini’s family legacy of native Hawaiian planters, the couple set out to grow coffee in the rich volcanic soils of Kaʻu. Their coffee trees flourish, and their reputation has blossomed, leading to Ali'i Hawaiian Hula Hands Coffee taking a spot in the top ten coffees in the Roasters Guild 2012 Coffees of the Year awards.
The Marques are strong proponents of land security for Kaʻu Coffee farmers and brand name promotion and protection. Trini has been an organizer of the annual Kaʻu Coffee Festival and Miss Kaʻu Coffee Pageants. Trini and Francis sell their Ali'i Hawaiian Hula Hands Coffee internationally and in local farmers markets and retail outlets. Their farm will be featured on the Wall of Fame at Kaʻu Coffee Mill.

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