As we navigate the current crisis, it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude. It’s not always easy to practice gratitude through a pandemic — but it’s important to try.  You may not know where to begin, and that’s alright. Here’s a question to get you started. How do you feel when you drink a cup of coffee? Peaceful, right?  It may seem a little silly, but coffee can get us through tough times. Take a look.

Why Gratitude Makes a Difference

These days, we’re obsessed with “fast” and “new.” If a particular product can’t make it to your house by tomorrow, that’s okay — you can find a different version on Amazon. Too often, this system doesn’t leave much room for gratitude. Sure, you say “thank you” to the UPS worker who rings your doorbell. But you can and should go further.  Have you ever considered the person who packaged your purchase? What about the employee who made sure to grab the correct order? Around the world, billions of people wake up and work. In some ways, we all contribute to one another’s lives. When we take a second to acknowledge each individual’s efforts, even figuratively, we focus on what matters most. Those positive thoughts make an impact.  Gratitude isn’t only about thanking others. It also helps to lessen negative and harmful emotions, which amplify bad situations. Currently, we need to do as much as we can to maintain a confident attitude. It’s essential to focus on small moments, which makes coffee a perfect place to start.

Coffee’s Wide Influence

Here are a few reasons why we should be thankful for coffee.

1. It Provides Much-Needed Energy

Without coffee, many of us wouldn’t have the energy to keep trudging through the workday. After we drink it, we discover a newfound enthusiasm and zeal for otherwise mundane tasks. Coffee even helps us pursue our hobbies.  What’s better than a warm mug as you capture fun photos outside, or an iced coffee to cool down after a workout? It’s always there to give you a boost.

2. It Makes Socializing Fun

There’s never been a more classic phrase than “do you want to grab a cup of coffee?” It defines casual meetups with lifelong friends and potential partners.  Although it’s hard to connect right now due to self-isolation, you can make this past-time work. Organize a weekly virtual coffee hour with your closest pals.

3. It Offers a Peaceful Reprieve

We’ve all brewed a pot of coffee only to run out the door a few moments later. When you take a moment to savor your cup, you’re able to pause and recharge for a second, and that time can make or break your day.  You may need to wake up a little earlier, but those efforts pay off. A slower approach allows us to be less stressed and anxious.

4. It Emphasizes Minimalism

At its core, coffee isn’t overly extravagant or ornate. To brew a cup of coffee, you need two ingredients — hot water and coffee beans. You can add a spoonful of milk or sugar, but that’s it.  A cup of coffee shows drinkers that simple moments matter. You don’t need a lot of extra pizzazz to make life awesome. If you can be grateful for the small perks, you’re well on your way to genuine happiness.

5. It Offers Some Normalcy

Because we’ve encountered an unprecedented pandemic, it’s not easy to feel normal. In fact, a lot of people worry that we won’t return to our old ways.  As those thoughts linger, coffee can remind us that some parts won’t ever change. The sun still rises and the world still turns. People continue to need help, too — and gratitude makes us want to give back to others more often.  If we proceed to go about our daily lives, we can embrace positive thoughts and emotions. As simple as it seems, coffee offers us an opportunity to reconnect with what matters most. With this beverage, we’re energetic, social and considerate individuals. Those traits can make a massive impact right now.

Embrace Gratitude as You Drink Your Morning Coffee

We can’t be sure what’s next. But, with a few moments of gratitude, we can do our best to return things to normal and embrace whatever’s on the horizon.
As you drink your morning coffee, take a second to thank those who made it. After all, we wouldn’t be able to thrive without one another.


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Author Bio: Dylan Bartlett, aka, “The Regular Guide,” writes about food and similar topics on his site. Check out Just a Regular Guide for more, or follow Dylan on Twitter @theregularguide for frequent updates.