Kaʻu Coffee Pour Overs

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NOW ON SALE!  All Sales Final on Sale Items!
Ka‘ū Coffee Pour Over Singles 5 pack




NOW ON SALE! All Sales Final on Sale Items!

These will soon replace our K-Cups so now is your chance to try them out at a great price!

Brew the coffee you love, literally anywhere!

Introducing Ka‘ū Coffee Single Serve Pour Over 5 packs in two of our most popular roasts:
Washed Medium – Cupping Notes: Bright aroma, delicate but authoritative.  Rich and sweet acidity.
Complex and balanced flavor with notes of plum and citrus. The classic fruit/floral aromatics lean toward
chocolate in the aroma, fruit in the cup, and carry through cleanly into the long, sweet finish. Lingering aftertaste.
Contents: 5 – 13g Bags – 2.29oz (65g)
Natural Dark – Cupping Notes: Fruity, winey taste with notes of cherry, strawberry, passion fruit and
hibiscus with a spiciness of cinnamon, cloves, and cedar; finished with a heavy body and tones of cocoa and molasses.
Contents: 5 – 11g Bags – 1.94oz (55g)

This high quality product is the most innovative and exciting new product in the world of coffee, and Ka‘ū Coffee Mill is one of the Only coffee producers that has it available
in our retail store and online!
This game changing single serving pour over produces the best cup of coffee you have ever experienced.
Be the first to experience this latest trend in the exciting world of coffee.
We know these will sell fast so be sure to order early and stock up for yourself and your loved ones.





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