Ka’u Peaberry Roast Subscription

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Ka’u Coffee Club Peaberry Roast Subscription





Out of Stock
Ka’u Peaberry Roast Club Subscription
The Ka‘u Peaberry Roast Subscription features two of our very popular peaberry roasts:
Washed Peaberry Medium and Roaster’s Choice Peaberry Medium Dark.
However, if you can’t decide, we can ship you a rotation of the two each month! Simply choose “Roasters Select” when picking your roast.

Our Commitment to Excellence
We ensure that your Ka’u Coffee Club order is fresh roasted and packed with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Each bag features a one-way valve designed to keep your coffee at maximum freshness, and the roast date imprinted on the top of the bag.
Your shipment is delivered fresh to your door in our distinctive Ka’u Coffee Mill gift box. In addition, we include a Free 2 Ounce sample of one of our other popular Ka’u coffees for you to try, as well as a collectible KCM logo sticker!

Treat Yourself or Give the Perfect Gift
Ka’u coffee subscriptions are perfect for the serious coffee lover who wants to save time and hassle, and subscriptions
also make great gifts for the coffee lover in your life.

To start personalizing your subscription:

Choose Your Payment Plan

  • Per Shipment – Billed at time of each shipment on the same day your subscription was started per your preferred shipment frequency.
  • Monthly Prepaid – Popular money saver! Billed every month on the same day your subscription was started, your coffee order will be billed and shipped per your preferred shipment frequency.
  • Quarterly Prepaid – Recommended for maximum savings! Billed every 3 months on the same day your subscription was started, your coffee order will be billed and shipped per your preferred shipment frequency.

Piggy Bank

Choose Your Shipment Frequency

  • Weekly – Your coffee order will be fresh roasted and shipped each week.
  • Every 2 Weeks – Your coffee order will be fresh roasted and shipped every two weeks.
  • Monthly – Your coffee order will be fresh roasted and shipped once per month.

Choose Your House Select Roast

  • Peaberry Washed Medium– A mellow, yet distinctive medium roasted peaberry.  About 5% of a crop’s coffee beans are single whole beans. These are called Peaberry. They are smaller, denser, and they also taste noticeably sweeter and more flavorful than your normal bean.
  • Roaster’s Choice Peaberry – This one is super popular amongst our Ka‘u coffee fans.  Try it and you’ll see why.  An exquisite blend of Peaberry Semi-Washed and Peaberry Natural roasted to perfection in a full city roast.
  • Roasters Select – Can’t decide? We will rotate between the two and send one of each roast each month.

Choose Your Size

  •   8 Ounce – Only one size available in these roasts due to the low yields on peaberry during this year’s season.

Choose Your Grind Type

  • Whole Bean         – Recommended for Peaberry
  • Fine Ground         – Espresso
  • Medium Ground  – Auto Drip
  • Coarse Ground    – French Press
  • Extra Coarse        – Cold Brew

Choose Number of Bags

  • One Bag
  • Two Bags
  • Three Bags
  • Four Bags  

No Sign-Up Fee!
Free to join and you can cancel at any time.
Access your subscription via your account dashboard where you can pause, cancel, or modify it.

Shipping is always Free! (USA customers only – International customers Contact Us for shipping quote)
Discounted Pricing for Monthly, and Quarterly prepaid subscription plans.
Big Savings when you join the club vs paying the regular cost per bag.  Price breaks on multiple bag shipments.

See our Coffee Club FAQ page for more information.

Welcome to the Ka‘u Coffee Club!

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Additional information

Payment Plan

Per Shipment, Monthly, Quarterly

Shipment Frequency

Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, Every Month

Peaberry Roast

Peaberry Medium, Roaster's Choice, Roaster Select

Bag Size

8oz, 16oz

Whole Bean or Ground

Whole Bean-Recommended, Fine Grind-Espresso, Medium-Drip, Coarse-French Press, Ex-Coarse-Cold Brew

Number of Bags

1 Bag, 2 Bags, 3 Bags, 4 Bags


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