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Macnut Cooking Oil


Individual Varieties 5oz

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Hawaiian macadamia nut oil infused with 4 different flavor varieties for a unique and assertive addition to your cooking.

Choose From:
Pele's Fire:  Hawaiian macadamia nut oil infused with natural chilis creates an assertive basting sauce for meats and fish.
Haleiwa Heat:  Hawaiian macadamia oil infused with natural chilis & garlic. Excellent for marinades, deep fried turkeys and popcorn.
Garlic Isle:  Roasted garlic blended with macadamia nut oil imparts excitement to marinades and sautéed dishes. Excellent for cooking shrimp or chicken.
Kauai Herb:  Natural Italian herbs combined with Hawaii's original macadamia nut oil adds a delightful flavor to seafood, pasta dishes and your favorite salad dressings."
Hawaii's Gold:  The subtle, nutty flavor of this pure macadamia nut oil is delicious with fish, chicken and vegetable dishes.

* 80% Monounsaturated
* Excellent for sautéing & stir frying due to high smoke point.
* Expeller pressed in Hawaii
* No cholesterol or carbs
* Tamper evident seal

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