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Individual 4oz bags – Choose From 5 Flavors

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Locally made Hawaiian sea salts that will add that extra special flavor to your cooking and meals!

Paradise SEA SALT brings you five carefully crafted Hawaiian Seasoned salts that are 100% Natural! These salts are infused with locally grown herbs and spices each with its own unique flavor. Use as garnishing, rub, seasoning and marinades to spice up your dishes.

Five Unique Flavors:
Magma Hot:  Ingredients-Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Paprika, Red Pepper, Ghost Peppers, Hawaiian Chili Peppers.  This special salt has a bold and fiery taste made from one of the smallest chili peppers in the world, nioi, the Hawaiian chili pepper.  This little pepper packs a flavorful punch.
Food pairings:  add pizzaz to salsa, seafood, meat, pasta, soup dishes or any entree that needs to kick it up a notch.

Lush Rainforest:  Ingredients-Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina, Garlic, Parsley, Hawaiian Mamaki.  This special salt brings the vitality of nature to your table through the mamaki plant, also known as waimea, and is an endemic species found only in Hawaii.  Revered and treasured by native Hawaiians for its healing powers, mamaki promotes good health through its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, while being 100% caffeine free.
Food pairings: add a boost of energy to avocado slices, salads, fish sauce, baked fries, and pasta.

Volcano Soil: Ingredients-Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Activated Cacao (Treated with Alkali), Hawaiian Cacao Beans, Black Pepper, Refined Coconut Oil (unflavored), Hawaiian Black Pepper. A fun, flavorful contrast ingredient to your recipes!
Food pairings:  add explosive flavor to BBQ sauces, fish, meat, chili and eggs benedict.

Lava Glow:  Ingredients-Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Turmeric Root (Olena).  This special salt shares the ancient Hawaiian secret for good health with the use of 'olena, the Hawaiian word for the turmeric root.  'Olena is regarded as an antioxidant with anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Food pairings:  add a golden hue and zesty flavor to dishes like rice, chicken rubs, and soups.

Kissed By The Sun:  Ingredients-Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Hawaiian Red Wine.  This special salt is a perfect fusion of rich red wine and pure Hawaiian sea salt.  Red wine has long been thought of as heart healthy.  It is packed with antioxidants and resveratrol.
Food pairings:  add the subtle flavor of red wine to sauces, grilled meats, and splash of color to chocolate truffles and cheese.

Ocean Smoke: Ingredients: Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, Butterfly Pea, Ube, Natural Smoke


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Magma Hot, Lush Rainforest, Volcano Soil, Lava Glow, Kissed by the Sun, Ocean Smoke

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  1. gkpralle

    Love the Magma Hot…….perfect on fried eggs and on popcorn.
    The Lush Rainforest is very good sprinkled on salmon or on red meats.
    Gregg P.

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