Peaberry Medium Roast (Washed)


Ka‘u Peaberry Medium Roast
1  lb & 5lb Sizes No Longer Available Due to very limited Peaberry Green Bean
All Sales Final on Sale Items!



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Limited Availability of Peaberry!
All Sales Final on Sale Items!
1lb & 5lb Sizes are No Longer Available
We apologize for any inconvenience

It is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other, like halves of a peanut. About 5% of the world’s coffee beans are single whole beans and are called peaberry. They are smaller, denser and fans think they taste noticeably sweeter and more flavorful than your normal bean.

Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with roast date printed and embossed into the seal.  We recommend consuming our coffee within 6 months of this roast date, however for optimal flavor our coffee is best consumed within 60 days.





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