Washed Dark Roast


Ka’u Washed Dark
Limited Edition Special Roast





Limited Edition!
It is important to us to constantly keep our coffee game strong. To achieve this, our master roaster regularly experiments with new roasts.

This time, the result is a limited edition washed dark roast!

First, we use our Washed Ka’u coffee beans for a smooth, clean finish. The washed process, with its delicate but authoritative and bright aroma, features rich and sweet acidity, as well as complex and balanced flavor with notes of plum and citrus. In addition, you will find the classic fruit and floral aromatics lean toward chocolate in the aroma and fruit in the cup. In the end, these carry through cleanly into the long, sweet finish with a lingering aftertaste.

Next, the roast profile we apply infuses your cup with distinctive notes of chocolate, berries, and a slight hint of citrus in the cup.
As a result, you’ll find yourself wanting to treat yourself and indulge in this special blend of Ka’u coffee.
However, we encourage you to get a few extra bags to have on hand before it runs out!


Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with the roast date printed and embossed into the seal.  We recommend consuming our coffee within 6 months of this roast date. However, for optimal flavor, our coffee is best consumed within 60 days. 




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