Washed Medium Roast

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Ka‘u Washed Medium Roast




For the coffee lover who prefers a lighter roast, our popular Washed Medium Roast is a perfect choice!

Cupping Notes: Bright aroma, delicate but authoritative, with a rich and sweet acidity.
First, you will note the classic fruit/floral aromatics that lean toward chocolate. In the first sip, you will taste the complex and balanced flavor with notes of plum and citrus, which then cleanly carry through into the long, sweet finish. In the end, each sip leaves you with a delicious lingering aftertaste!

For the Washed Process, we pick ripe coffee cherries from our trees, and then completely wash off all skin, pulp and mucilage in the wet mill. This leaves clean parchment that is then dried to the optimal moisture level and, finally, roasted to our specially developed Medium Roast profile. The end result is a clean coffee taste without any added notes from the rest of the sugary coffee berry.

Also, we have this roast in single-serve packaging. See our Washed Medium K-cups for Keurig brewers, as well as Single-Serve Pourovers. Another Washed Medium coffee we offer is our Peaberry coffee.

Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with expiration date printed and embossed into the seal.  Roast date and lot number is affixed to the bottom of each bag.  We recommend consuming our coffee within 1 year of this date, however for optimal flavor our coffee is best consumed within 60-90 days.




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