Semi Washed Medium Dark Roast


Ka‘u Semi Washed Medium Dark Roast



Because of its placement on the roasting scale, this Semi-Washed coffee is liked by both Medium and Dark Roast fans, as it has a lovely balance of acidity, depth, and body. In addition, because of the processing method of Semi Washed Coffee, the beans carry flavors of stone fruit and citrus, which are revealed beautifully through this Medium/Dark roast. A perfect, well-rounded cup!

Cupping Notes: Soft, delicate, apricot bouquet. Tangerine and milk chocolate suggestions in aroma and cup. In the cup, a gently round acidity, smooth and buttery mouthfeel.  The finish is resonant and saturated with flavor!

Now, to create Semi Washed Coffee, we take cherries and remove the skins in the wet mill. However, rather than washing off all the mucilage and pulp, the beans stay covered in a layer of sugary fruit. Next, the sticky and sweet parchment is put on drying beds and regularly rotated for even drying.
Once the honeyed beans reach the required moisture level (10-12%), they look like they are covered in beautiful caramelized honey, and are ready to be taken to the dry mill. There, the outer shell of parchment is taken off, the beans are sorted, and, finally, roasted with our Medium/Dark roast profile!

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Note: All of our coffees are freshly roasted, with an expiration date embossed into the seal. We recommend consuming our coffee within by this expiration date. However, for optimal flavor, it is best to consume within 60 days.

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