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Kukui Nut Oil

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Kukui is a natural expeller pressed oil with no chemical solvents by Oils of Aloha.  Kukui Oil has been used in Hawaii for centuries to effectively protect, heal and nourish skin that has been exposed to the elements - harsh sun, drying winds
and salt water.  This oil quickly penetrates and moisturizes, leaving your skin silky smooth.  It is enhanced with Vitamin E.

* Greaseless
* Quickly Penetrates & Absorbs
* Hypoallergenic
* Non Comedogenic
* Reduces the Appearance of Aging
* No Animal Testing
* Wild Harvested
* Made in Hawaii

Kukui's Hawaiian Roots:
Kukui became the official state tree of Hawaii in 1959.  Botanically it is classified aleurites moluccana. Of all the Hawaiian trees it has the lightest color foliage with silver-grayish powder on its leaves
which makes it quite conspicuous in the forest.  At the end of the branches small white flowers bloom.  The fruit of the kukui is about two inches in diameter.  The outer husk is a hard green covering.
Hawaiians discovered that when the shells were removed and the kernels lightly roasted a clear oil could be pressed out.  This was an excellent penetrating oil that when smoothed on the skin soothed and
softened sunburns and irritations.  Newborn babies were often given their first bath in this gentle oil.





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