Ka‘u Washed Green Bean


Ka’u Washed Green Bean Minimum 1 lb Size Up To 25 lbs




Ka‘u Washed process green bean in three sizes: Fancy and Hawaii #1.  Ripe cherries are picked then completely washed of all skin, pulp and mucilage before drying and roasting.
When the internal moisture content of the beans is between 9 to 12 percent by weight, the beans are dry.
This moisture level is the global standard for all types of coffee.

Cupping Notes: Bright aroma, delicate but authoritative.  Rich and sweet acidity.
Complex and balanced flavor with notes of plum and citrus. The classic fruit/floral aromatics lean toward
chocolate in the aroma, fruit in the cup, and carry through cleanly into the long, sweet finish. Lingering aftertaste.

For the home or professional roaster wishing to try a sample of world famous Ka’u Washed green coffee beans.
Available in three bean sizes: Fancy and Hawaii #1. Order size minimum 1 lb up to 25 lbs.
If interested in ordering more than 25 lbs please Contact Us.

International and Wholesale green bean sales please Contact Us.

*Note* Hawaii State Inter-island shipping of green coffee bean is restricted per USDA.





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