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Ka’u Natural Green Bean Minimum 1-25 Pounds


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For the home or professional roaster wishing to try a sample or obtain larger quantities of award winning Ka’u Natural green coffee beans.
Available in two bean sizes: Fancy or Hawaii #1.

Prices are per pound.
Order size minimum 1 pound up to 25 pounds.

Shipped as follows:
1-4 Pounds – Individual 1lb packages
5-10 Pounds – Single large bag
11-25 Pounds – Single bulk bag

If interested in ordering more than 100 lbs please Contact Us.

Natural coffee cherries are dried with the seeds still inside until the drying time of approximately 2 weeks is complete.
When the internal moisture content of the beans is between 9 to 12 percent by weight, the beans are dry.
This moisture level is the global standard for all types of coffee.

Cupping Notes: Fruity, winey taste with notes of cherry, strawberry, passion fruit and
hibiscus with a spiciness of cinnamon, cloves, and cedar; finished with a heavy body and tones of cocoa and molasses.

International and Wholesale green bean sales please Contact Us.

*Note* Hawaii State Inter-island shipping of green coffee bean is restricted per USDA and must meet specific guidelines
prior to shipping.

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Weight 10 lbs
Bean Size

Fancy, Hawaii #1


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