Natural Dark Roast

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Ka‘u Natural Dark Roast

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One of our Best Selling roasts!
Ka‘u Natural coffee cherries are dried with the seeds still inside until the drying time is complete when the internal moisture content of the beans is 9 percent to 12 percent (by weight). This moisture level is the global standard for all types of coffee.

Cupping Notes: Fruity, winey taste with notes of cherry, strawberry, passion fruit and
hibiscus with a spiciness of cinnamon, cloves, and cedar; finished with a heavy body and tones of cocoa and molasses.

Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with roast date printed and embossed into the seal.  We recommend consuming our coffee within 6 months of this roast date, however for optimal flavor our coffee is best consumed within 60 days. 





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3 reviews for Natural Dark Roast

  1. Comeaux

    I had run out of coffee and thus was on a mission to find something that was 100% Kona and not disappointing. I went into a nearby department store for something else and instead came out with two very eye catching bags of 100% Kona coffee. I was super curious to see how it tasted as I left the store forgetting all about what I originally meant to buy in the first place. I had very high hopes for this coffee. And let me tell you, I was NOT AT ALL disappointed in any way! The java I sipped from my mug was fantastic! I tried a cup with a little whole milk and maybe a teaspoon of washed sugar and it was Lovely. I also had another cup and tried it straight and black it was so full of flavor and exactly as the package tries to explain (I say ‘tries to explain’ because words can’t do it true justice, you MUST try a taste) is rich and smooth. The milk and sugar just adds a kick up a notch but isn’t necessary at all.

    In retrospect, maybe forgetting the stuff I meant to buy at that department store was a good thing, as I have to go back and buy a few more bags before everybody catches onto this coffee.

  2. Idaho Red

    When you were visiting the big Island, the Ka’u coffee mill is a wonderful stop. When we are in our winter home, we visit the Coffeemill at least twice a month, and always take all of our visitors. We have never been disappointed with staff or the premises. Thank you, Ka’u Coffee Mill for the best cup of coffee on the big Island.

  3. Celeste

    This is the best coffee I have ever had. I usually have to add sugar and cream until you can hardly tell it’s coffee anymore. This coffee is sweet yet flavorful. Requires so little additives I could almost drink it black. I bought an 8 ounce bag while on the big island. I’m just sorry I didn’t fill my entire suitcase with it. Ditch the clothes, you won’t need them and they’re easily replaced. Keep the coffee, you’ll want more!

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