Natural Dark Roast

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Natural Dark Roast

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Available as Whole Bean or Ground.

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The Natural Dark Roast brings a classic, dark coffee flavor to your cup, with extra delicious notes from the Natural process. It is no wonder it's one of our best selling roasts!

Available Sizes:
-8oz  Bag
-16oz Bag
-5lb Bag

Natural Process
To make Natural Coffee, ripe coffee cherries are picked off the trees and then sent straight to the drying facilities. There, the coffee beans dry, absorbing a lot of flavor from the surrounding layer of sugary fruit. Once they reach the optimal moisture level, they go to the dry mill. There, the cherries are hulled, and the green beans sorted by size, quality and density. Lastly, the beans head to the roastery for final step!

To get the best balance of flavor from these beans, we use a roasting profile that we created specifically for beans processed naturally. We find that the flavors of Natural coffee beans shine best in our dark roast. Since this process adds such particular and intense notes to the coffee, we absolutely recommend you give it a try!

Also, this is one of two coffees we use in a blend for our in-house espresso shots. Come by and try it out!

Cupping Notes: Fruity, winey taste with notes of cherry, strawberry, passion fruit, and hibiscus. Also, a spiciness of cinnamon, cloves, and cedar. Finished with a heavy body and tones of cocoa and molasses. Delicious for a pour-over as well as espresso!


Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with expiration date printed and embossed into the seal.  Roast date and lot number is affixed to the bottom of each bag. We recommend consuming our coffee within 1 year of this date, however for optimal flavor our coffee is best consumed within 60-90 days. If no expiration date is embossed into the seal, it will be on the bottom of the bag, and is by default one year from the roast date.

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1 review for Natural Dark Roast

  1. Douglas Bishop

    This is the BEST. I always prefer a dark roast and although I’m not a coffee “connoisseur’ I can tell a good coffee from a not so good one (when you “need” a cup of coffee they all tend to be acceptable). I was introduced to Ka’u when my wife and I visited the big island in 2017 and have been hooked ever since. Depleted my supply of Kona, JBM and others. My pantry now only has Ka’u coffees in it. I’ve tried the Peabody and the Trust blend but this is my favorite.

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