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Vienna Bourbon Washed


Vienna Bourbon
Available in Whole Bean or Ground

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Savored for its sweet, complex and crisp flavor, the Bourbon coffee varietal in a washed process won't disappoint your morning cup! Roasted to perfection in a delicious Vienna roast which satisfies the discerning coffee drinker who prefers a darker roast.
Vienna Roast is characterized by a slightly deeper color than our Dark Natural roast, with small spots of oil on the bean's surface. This oil, which comes from within the coffee bean, is brought to the surface by the prolonged roasting time. The oil is important in the flavor of brewed coffee at higher roast levels, the greater presence of oil is what gives dark roasted coffee its distinguishable taste.

Note: All of our coffees are fresh roasted and sealed with expiration date printed and embossed into the seal.  Roast date and lot number is affixed to the bottom of each bag.  We recommend consuming our coffee within 1 year of this date, however for optimal flavor our coffee is best consumed within 60-90 days.




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